Embed a Video from YouTube or Vimeo

Unless there's a specific reason why you might not want to share your videos on the web, like strict branding controls or private content, we generally recommend posting your videos to a social video service like YouTube or Vimeo. The scalability, accessibility, and especially social sharing potential make it a given. 

Depending on the Sitemason tool, there are a couple ways to embed a video into your Sitemason managed site. 

Embed Through the WYSIWYG

Both YouTube and Vimeo provide embed code to display your video on your own website. In both cases, this code is available per video in the "Share" options.

Embed a YouTube Video

Go to your video hosted on the YouTube website. Beneath the video, you'll see a "Share" option. Upon selection, another menu appears with an "Embed" option. Choose Embed and select the options via the size menu and checkboxes beneath the embed code. Copy the embed code.

wysiwyg-source-btn.pngOnce you've copied the Embed Code, go to your Sitemason account, and then to the page where you wish for your video to appear. From the WYSIWYG menu, select the "Source" button. 

Paste the embed code in the Source code of the page, like so: 


Here is a screenshot of where to find embed code for a YouTube video:



Embed a Vimeo Video

The same process applies for embedding a Vimeo video as one for YouTube. Go to a Vimeo video's web page, select the Embed Code from the "Share" options, and paste the Embed Code into the Source of the Sitemason WYSIWYG for the page you wish for the video to appear. 

From a Vimeo video, the "Share" option is usually in the top-right of the video, as long as sharing options are enabled when publishing the video:


When you've selected the "Share" button on the Vimeo video, a window will open with the Embed Code:


Embed Through the Media Tab

In Sitemason list tools, like News, Gallery, and Calendar, each item has an optional Media tab. From this Media tab, you can upload videos directly to your article, gallery post, or event. However, more pertinent to this tutorial, you can also embed a video from the web solely with its URL. 


Sitemason supports YouTube, Vimeo, and UStream for embedding direct URLs into an item. For this case, you do not need to use the Embed Code at all. Simply go to the web page of the video, copy the URL, and paste it into the Media tab and it'll appear pre-formatted per your template's instructions. 


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