Organizations with multiple users can set rules for their editors and managers so they can only access those Folders they're given permission. For each Folder, including the top-level Site, a Sharing Tab is available to invite users to administer the section.

To get to Sharing, go to Site Settings from the site panel, and then to the Sharing tab.

Screen_Shot_2013-09-19_at_10.51.39_AM.png                                   Screen_Shot_2013-09-19_at_10.51.56_AM.png


Once the Sharing tab is selected, a panel will slide out with a list of the shared users and invitation form. 




For the top level under the Site Settings Tab, a table of all site users and their Folder permissions are listed to provide an overview as well as a way to Unshare access.


Invitees with an X in the Request column means they're invitation is outstanding and they have not yet accepted your request to share a site or section. Invitations Requests expire after 3 days.

After an invitation is sent, the recipient will receive an email to accept the invitation.  This step is required before they may access your Sitemason account. 


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