Creating Content

Content describes any copy, images, or other media that make up your website. The building blocks of content are Pages, or the tools that generate the unique content for each page of your website.

When first being introduced to Sitemason, you will have some example content already listed in your site. Play around with these pages and items to get a feel for the CMS. Any changes to the content made to the pages will be immediately reflected on your website.

Adding a Page


Select the "Add" Action from the Action Bar located atop the Site Panel. You will be prompted to choose a page type. For this example, select Page and then give your new page a Title and Path. Your Path should be a reflection of your title without spaces or capital letters. For example, if your page Title is "Our Company History", your Path should be something like "our-company-history".


Optionally select a location in the list of pages where you want your new page to be added. For example, if you want your page located directly after the home page, select the home page from the list. When the home page is then highlighted, this is an indication that your new page will be added beneath the home page. If no page is selected in the list, your page will be added to the bottom of your site.


Finally, select Create to add your page. You will want to test creating additional page types, like News or Calendar to discover the differences between a simple Page and the list tools that might contain articles or events within the page.

Editing Your New Page

With simple Pages, your content Panel is one big WYSIWYG editor (or "What You See Is What You Get"). This is very similar to a modern word processor where you can format text, add images, or add more web-centric content like hyperlinks or video.


The editor is covered in-depth in the WYSIWYG tutorial located here.

Adding Items in a List Page

List type pages are News, Calendar, Gallery, and Store. They are unique in that they contain items within the page. For example, articles are items in a News tool, events are items in a Calendar, media->Gallery, and products->Store.

You create a list page the same way you would a simple Page, via the Add Action in the Site Panel. Once created, you would add an item in the same manor, but from the Page Panel. For example, if you've created a News tool, select the Add Action from the News Action Bar, and this will create a new article.

Items are much more verbose in their options than a simple Page's single WYSIWYG editor. Each page type has a different set of fields specialized for their content type, but at a minimum you're likely to encounter Title, Subtitle, and Copy for the primary content fields.


Supporting content for the item is available in Tabs on the right of the Panel. Supporting content might be an article Picture, an event's Location, or a product's Attributes.

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