MultiRow is a Sitemason specific feature that describes a content type in the Sitemason interface. It provides the ability to add multiple sub-items to an item, where many items make up a page. An example might be a staff directory where the items are staff members which make up the directory page, and MultiRow is used to add subordinates per staff member. Another example might be a restaurant menu where items are dishes, and MultiRow is used to add ingredients per dish.

By default, the only place you might run into MultiRow in the Sitemason interface is in the DNS Manager where MultiRow is used to add and remove DNS entries like MX Records.


However, your web developer may use MultiRow in various spots throughout the CMS to customize the display of content for your management.

Adding and Removing Rows in MultiRow

To add a row, simply select the Add button above or beneath the row relative to its desired placement. A horizontal dotted line will appear when you hover over the Add button to indicate where the new row will be added.


To delete a row, select the X immediately to the left of the row. The X will flash red to indicate you are deleting the selected row.


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