Store Attributes

Attributes in the Sitemason store are a way to change values for an individual item for sale without needing multiple versions of that item. For example, if you wanted to charge $2 extra for an XXL jacket, or if the SKU needed to change from 1234 to 1234y if the the jacket selected is yellow. Below is an example of the Attributes Tab in the SM6 Store interface:
Enter one attribute per line. Each attribute consists of a key, like "color" or "size", multiple values, like "small" or "large", and optionally some modifiers to adjust the price or weight for each value. The key must consist only of numbers, letters, dashes, periods, and underscores. Underscores are converted into spaces. Attributes are specified in the following format:
For example, an item with two attributes of color and size, might look like this:
You can let a user specify an attribute by just giving it a key with no values.
Modifiers are added after a value if that choice will affect the price (p), weight (w), code/SKU (c), or category (y). The value for any of those can be set by giving the single letter code for the value that should change followed by a colon (:) followed by what the new value should be. For price and weight, a plus (+) or minus (-) can be used to modify the item's price or weight as set in the Content tab. For example, if the medium size of an item adds 1 dollar to the base price and its code should become "1001M" and the large size adds 2 dollars to the base price and its weight should be .5 lbs and the code should become "1001L", it would look like this:
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