Syndication (RSS and iCalendar)

Sitemason's list-based tools like News, Calendar, and Gallery provide Syndication features to broadcast your message in standard web formats. Most often, links to syndication options are added to your site's template by your web designer or developer, though the concepts are approachable enough that any end-user can feel comfortable using RSS and iCal links.


RSS is the most commonly used syndication protocol on the web. Most every blog and newsfeed includes some version of an RSS feed for their site visitors. All of the Sitemason list tools include RSS options to syndicate items. The path to a tool's RSS feed is also standard across all list tools and can be accessed with the path format

For example, the Sitemason blog's RSS feed is located at

By default, Sitemason will include 10 items in your RSS feed, however, you can customize the number of items in your feed by including a "set" parameter, like if we wanted to include 20 articles for the Sitemason blog, we'd use


iCalendar (also called iCal or ICS) is an event specific format and is an available syndication option for the Sitemason Calendar.

Events in the calendar can use iCalendar files both to be saved as downloadable files or subscribing to the webcal feed.

To download an calendar feed, create a link using the format: 

or for a single event: 

To subscribe to an event feed, instead of using http, use webcal, like:

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