Editing Items

Items are articles in a News tool, events in a Calendar, images in a Gallery, or products in a Store. They're content in a list tool, where a number of items make up a page or site section.

While items have different content purposes depending on the tool they're intended for, they also have a lot in common. In the interface, they are all managed similarly from a list. All list tools have their own Action Bar for Adding and Deleting items. Items all use Tags and geo-location and user comments and many more features.

Add an Item

Adding an Item is a straight forward affair. From a list tool, such as News, select the Add button in the Action Bar. This will create the new item and a third content Panel will open immediately.

Item Tabs

As mentioned in the Getting Started Guide tutorial, Tabs offer supporting content to the various content types in your website. Items employ Tabs more than any other content. Tabs vary from one list tool to the next, but you're likely to encounter Tabs for Item Details, Picture, Media, Publication Management, Tags, and Location amongst others.



The Content Tab is where the meat of an item's copy and assets will be added. In the case of News, this is where you would write your article. In the case of Calendar, this is where you'd enter your event details, etc.

The fields available may vary between Item types, but they all require a Title and Copy.

Items have an auto-generated path based on the item title. For example, if an article in a blog is titled "Announcing New Features", the path would automatically be set to something like "/blog/announcing-new-features.123456" where the number at the end is a unique identifier for the article.


To preview your article at any time, select the Preview button beneath the Tabs in the right column. This will open up the article URL in a new window so you can review your work.


Save, Cancel, and Close

There are three options for getting out of an Item. Save doesn't need much of an explanation. It will save your content for the Item and let you move on. Cancel will close the Item and will NOT save any changes made.

Closing an Item is possible via the "X" in the top left of the Panel. Closing will prompt you to Save or Cancel if any changes have been made to the Item content.

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