Picture Editing

Each item, whether it be in a Calendar, Gallery, or News tool, has an optional Picture supporting Tab. Uploading a picture here will provide a marquee image to represent your item. This feature does a few special things in addition to simply uploading the image.


Multiple Image Versions

When uploaded through the Picture Tab, an image is processed into multiple versions. Namely the Thumbnail and main Picture. Both versions are allow cropping, resizing, and aspect ratios.

A Thumbnail is often used in the list view of a blog or calendar, while the main Picture accompanies the detail view of an item, like a blog post.

Additionally, a standard sized Icon (max size is 64x64) as well as the Original image are retained by Sitemason as well.

Image Cropping

If you only want to display a section of the photo for your website, Sitemason includes a handy image cropper in the Picture tab. Select the area in the picture you wish to generate the cropped view by holding your cursor down in your starting point, and drag until you have a square highlighting the desired area.

Aspect Ratio

It's quite helpful to have an aspect ratio set if your site design expects images of a specific size. For example, if a thumbnail needs to be uniformly 200x200 pixels for your list view so as not to break the layout, you'd want to select "Constrain Aspect Ratio" and set the width and height to 200, respectively.

For most websites, predefined image size requirement are set by default in the tool Settings by your developer.

File Settings

You can enhance your picture by including some descriptive content to go along with your photo such as a Title, Caption, Copyright, and a Link URL. All are optional, but a great way to provide credits or descriptions of an image.

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