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What has happened?

As of July 19, 2013, Kite Web Consulting ("Kite") has moved their Kitportal CMS to Sitemason's cloud-based hosting environment.  In other words, Sitemason took over the hosting of and all client websites.


How do I manage my website?

There should be no changes in functionality to your website - the server software was simply moved from Kite's server to Sitemason's cloud-based hosting environment.  You can continue to manage your website using Kitportal.  In fact, itself has been moved to Sitemason's servers.


I'm having trouble seeing my site after the migration.

Several Kitportal customers have experienced DNS issues after the migration.  So far all of these issues have stemmed from DNS servers on the customers' networks that are still caching the old IP addresses ( and  We're here to help as best we can.  Here is a support forum post outlining troubleshooting steps to resolve such DNS issues:

The good news is that this is only affecting computers on your network!  The rest of the world is able to see your website after the migration. 


I need additional CMS functionality or need to change something about my website.

Sitemason, Inc. will be happy to assist you.  Please contact our sales department by emailing or dialing our sales line.

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