Rackspace Transfer FAQ

Instructions for Transferring Email to Rackspace

There are 4 simple steps to complete the migration to Rackspace:

1) Click HERE to signup and create an account with Rackspace.

2) On Step 2 of the signup page enter sitemason.yourdomain.com in the Domain Name section, and select "I own this domain". For example, if your primary domain name is mycompany.com, enter sitemason.mycompany.com in the Domain Name field.

3) Once you've signed up for your own Rackspace account, send Sitemason a support request to support@sitemason.com requesting the transfer. The email ticket should state:

"Please transfer the domain(s) [yourdomain.com] to our own Rackspace account "

4) Sitemason will generate and email you a transfer URL. Click this link and accept the transfer. 

And that should be it! We'll confirm with you when your migration is complete. Once completed, you may delete sitemason.yourdomain.com from your Rackspace account and adjust the size of your mailboxes as desired.



Additional Questions and Answers

How much does Rackspace charge for email service?

$2/mailbox with a $10 minimum monthly charge

What benefits will I gain by becoming a direct Rackspace email customer?

The primary benefits Rackspace offers are 25GB per mailbox and 24/7 Fanatical Support®. That's compared to 1GB per mailbox and business hour technical support with Sitemason.

Do I have to use Rackspace?

No, you can transfer your email to any service you wish, but we believe Rackspace offers the best and most reliable service for our customers. It's also the path of least resistance as the only change required is that of billing to keep continuity of service.

Who should I talk to if I have a question for Rackspace?

Sitemason has worked with Rackspace for many years and has a dedicated sales representative to help with the migration process. If you have questions pertaining to Rackspace's services, please contact Nate Van Winkle at nate.vanwinkle@rackspace.com or 210-312-3211

What other services do you recommend?

We can really only speak to the wonderful services at Rackspace, but other customers have enjoyed Google Apps for Business. If you only use email forwarding, and don't own any actual mailboxes, you may consider an email forwarding service like Dyn Email Forward.

Will I have to change my email settings in Outlook, my iPhone, et al?

If you continue using Rackspace, no settings need to be changed. If you move services, they all must be changed to those of your new provider.

Will this affect my other services with Sitemason?

No, not at all. We are making this move largely to devote our full attention to our Content Management Platform and hosting services. Email is the only service affected by this move.

Where will I login once I've moved to Rackspace?

Both Webmail and the Admin Panel can be accessed through the Rackspace Login screen at https://apps.rackspace.com/

What happens if I take no action?

In short, Sitemason will bill you for your mailboxes at $2/mailbox (the same price as Rackspace), but you will no longer get any technical support on email issues. Basically getting none of the benefits of being a direct Rackspace customer, but costing the same per mailbox. 


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