Settings & Information for FTP, PHP, MySQL, and DNS

Here are some details on a few of the standard hosting features included with your Sitemason account.


Login information

web interface
username: [your email address (or username for older accounts)]
password: [your password]

Supported Protocols

  • FTP (port 21)
  • SFTP (port 2222)
  • WebDav
  • Secure WebDav


Sitemason Name Servers:


See this support forum entry for information on managing DNS settings for your domain.



Version Information

Our MySQL database server runs MySQL version 5.5.


Customers can manage their MySQL databases via the industry standard PHPMyAdmin tool:

Website Settings

Your scripts should connect using the following credentials:

host / server:
username [ your MySQL account username ]
password [ your MySQL account password ]



The Sitemason web servers currently run PHP 5.3 compiled with a variety of commonly-used options.  There aren't any settings for PHP.


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  • 0
    James Beecham

    This is definitely helpful!

    WebDAV can be great to use, when it's over a fast connection anyhow.

    I would love to see native git repo based access on Sitemason.

  • 0
    Billy White

    Thanks for the suggestion, James. Could you add it to the Feature Request forum so it can get in the queue? Thanks!:


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