The changes that I just made are not showing on my website!!

This article relates to a legacy version of Sitemason. If you are looking for the Sitemason 6 version of this article, please visit here.


Hey there Sitemasoners!

Have you ever made a change or posted a new article / update to one of your tools, saved the change, and noticed that it does not seem to be reflected on your live website?

Often times, this issue is due to caching. Caching is your browser's way of saving certain files from a website so that it can call it up more quickly for you the next time that you visit the site. We also have caching on our servers so that your files are more readily accessible to you.

There are two quick steps that you can take to make sure that a caching issue is not responsible for your updates not showing up for you:

1. Clearing the cache at the site level.

After making changes to your website, from your Site Manager (Old Site Manager if you are using the new interface), click your Site Builder's name in the blue section (labeled here as Demo Site). When the next window comes up, simply hit "Save Changes and Go Back". This will clear your cache on our servers.


Note: If using the new interface, click on Sitemason > Go to old Site Manager. This will get you to where you can see the above view for clearing the Sitemason cache.


Additionally, in some of the newer tools, there is an option for clearing the site's cache directly in the tool itself:



2. Clearing the cache at your browser level.

Completing this task varies from browser to browser but the effect is the same. Essentially you are having your browser delete the temporary files that it has stored for any sites (you generally just want to delete the cache or temporary internet files so as to not delete browsing history or saved passwords).  Here is a great link for how you can accomplish this based on your particular browser.

Sometimes this can be accomplished with a simple "hard reload". (MAC: Command + Shift + R) (Windows: Ctrl + F5)


After completing these steps, you should be able to reload your page and see any saved updates!



Note: The issue with needing to clear your cache at the Sitemason level really only pertains to older sites that are still using XSLT templates as opposed to making use of the newer PHP templates. New sites really only need to clear the cache when making changes to navigation to push the new version out live to the web.

You can take a look at some great examples of PHP templates in action here and here on a couple of our featured Blog posts.

If you feel like your website may need a bit of an overhaul or just want some information on what a new PHP template could mean for your site, please email us or give us a call to see how we can help!
888-349-5578 x130
615-301-2600 x130

Thank you so much for your continued support. We definitely appreciate having you as a customer and look forward to taking care of you for years to come!

The Sitemason Crew

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