Welcome to your Sitemason Photo Gallery - Part II: Adding a Photo-

This article relates to a legacy version of Sitemason. If you are looking for the Sitemason 6 version of this article, please visit here.

Part II: Adding a Photo


In this section we show and explain the functions of the different tabs that you have access to for the purpose of posting photos to your gallery tool...

NOTE: In your CMS, clicking on the yellow question marks will give you a brief description for each section.

Photo: This section is where you add and title your photo submission.


Caption: This section allows you to create a caption using the same Text Editor that you are used to from the page builder tool.


Details: This section allows you to edit source and author info as well as set the status of the photo as it pertains to your gallery.


Schedule and Access: This section allows you to adjust how long you wish for the photo to show in your gallery and at want point (if any) you would like your gallery tool to archive the information or if you wish it to be removed from the gallery all together.


Tags: This section allows you to assign tags to the photo. Tags are commonly used for searching and categorization of files. They help to describe an item and allow it to be found again easily by browsing or searching.


Location: This is the section is used to assign a location to your photo if you wish.


Title lets you name the location of your photo (My House).
AddressCityState, and Zip all give you options for entering the physical address of the location which then allows you to hit: 
Verify & Geocode Address, which will assign a Latitude and Longitude coordinate and create a map location for the photo.

Custom: This is just a section that can be used for any kind of custom info that we may have built into a template to incorporate more in depth functions or create additional text fields for your gallery that you may wat separate from the caption.


Comments: This section allows you to view / edit photo comments for this particular photo (Note: to delete them, you must use the Comment Manager in the Menu).


Related: This section allows you to tie the photo together with other photos that you have posted or created in your gallery that you feel are related to or should be grouped with one another.



After going through all the necessary steps, set the photo's status to approved Voila! You've got yourself a new addition to your photo gallery. (examples below)





Enjoy Photo-ing Sitemasoners!

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