Welcome to your Sitemason Calendar - Part I: Menu Options

This article relates to a legacy version of Sitemason. If you are looking for the Sitemason 6 version of this article, please visit here.

Calendar Tool Overview

Due to a few requests from our valued customers and as a general Introduction to the Calendar tool, I thought I would go over some of the menu options as well as show examples of each section that is at your disposal when creating a calendar event...so here we go!


-Let's start with Part I: Menu Options-


Calendar: These are the menu options for the tool itself as par of your website.


Setup allows you to set / change the Navigation Title, Window Title, and URL path of the tool as it pertains to your overall website and Navigation.
Move allows you to move this calendar tool to a new website section in your Site Manager.
Transfer moves this calendar tool from your Sitemason account to that of another Sitemason customer's account and you will no longer have access to this calendar as the owner.
Preview takes you to the live webpage that reflects the changes you make to the tool.
Clear Cache clears the temporary files at the site level to facilitate a new update to our servers.
Delete ...well... that deletes this tool from your Site Manager but it can always be recovered from the "Deleted Pages" section in your Site Builder. 

Events: Gives you Menu options for adding new or editing existing calendar events.


Add, Edit, and Delete Selected Event(s) let you do just that.
Move Selected Event(s) lets you move one or more events from this calendar tool to another one in your Site Manager.
Preview Selected Event(s) allows you to view just the event in web form as opposed to the calendar as a whole.
Make Event(s) Live, Approved, and Pending gives you different publishing options for the selected event(s).

View: Gives you different display options for viewing the events in your calendar tool based on the chosen settings and status of the events.


Settings: Allows you to view and change the web based settings and subscription options for your calendar tool.


Default Settings gives you options for setting default values for Editor Info, Image, and Media features.
Digest Settings gives settings for automatic publishing of your events calendar as a periodic newsletter or listserv sent out to subscribers.
Display Settings presents options for how and including what features you wish the calendar to appear on your website. 
RSS/Podcast?iCalendar presents options for setting up features that allow users to subscribe to your calendar.

Tools: Lets you make changes to the Subscription and Tag settings for your calendar tool.


Subscription Manager allows you to add and subscriptions to another Sitemason calendar or outside calendars/RSS/ATOM feeds which will automatically publish their updates straight into your calendar as new events.
Tag Manager allows you to change the tags associated with your calendar (these are commonly used to aid in searching options within a website). 

Facebook: Gives you options for integrating your calendar to your Facebook profile as posts and events.



That brings us to the end of this Intro to the Sitemason Calendar Part I: Menu Options. Please join us next week (Same Bat-Time. Same Bat-Channel.) for Part II: Creating an Event!

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