Creating a link that displays tagged items

This article relates to a legacy version of Sitemason. If you are looking for the Sitemason 6 version of this article, please visit here.

Though we already have a relatively simple overview HERE on the general use of tags, I thought it might be helpful to go over how you create a link to call out to only those articles with similar tags. This is a good way to use one news tool to populate multiple categories for your site.

Once you have your desired tags set up, and you have tagged your news articles, blogs, or announcements accordingly, you can then set up links in the navigation that will pull out only those articles you have marked with certain tags.

Anyone can create a URL that calls out to a certain tag from a list tool by following this structure:

Step One: Tag the article.

 Open the article > Go to the 'Tags' tab > Highlight the desired tag > Click "Add to selected tags" > Click Save.


Step Two: Verify That your articles are tagged.

As of a recent update, we have made it so that list tools, such as the news tool, will display what items are tagged with off to the right of the list item.


Step Three: Create your link tool to add to your site's navigation.

From the New Site Manager view > Click to highlight where you want to the link to go in the list of tools (For the purpose of this demo, I am adding it to the Features section) > Click Actions > Add a link.


Step Four: Set up and your link.

Fill in the desire navigation title and the URL > In this case, I used to pull any articles from our news tool that are tagged as "development" > Check "Include in site navigation.

Anyone can create a URL that calls out to a certain tag from a list tool by following this structure:

Note: If your tag has a space in it, such as "developer tips" up top, you would use a dash to-fill-the-spaces in the URL version.


Step Five: Admire your work.

You may have to clear your site's cache to push the updated navigation out to the web. But once that is done, you have yourself a brand new link in your site's nav that pools only those items marked with a desired tag!



Good luck! And as always, feel free to contact us or post below with your questions and comments!

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