News Tool Setup

This article relates to a legacy version of Sitemason. If you are looking for the Sitemason 6 version of this article, please visit here.

To setup your new News tool, in the menu go to News Feed -> Setup... or simply click on the tool's title.  The Setup window will appear and open to the Basic Info tab.  Three fields are available for you to fill out.  The first is the Navigation Title, or the name of your page in your site's navigation.  The second is the Window Title, which is the title that appears atop your browser window, and the name that search engines will reference.  Finally, the URL Path field is the path of the page in your website (e.g. entering "news" in this field would give you something like").

The Behavior tab gives you options to manage what Time Zone your tool's articles should be published in, and how many articles you see in the tool's management view.

The SEO tab gives you two important fields for Search Engine Optimization.  Here, you can add descriptions and keywords for the tool, two things that search engines love to see.

Finally, the Sharing tab gives you management over which other Sitemason users can also manage the tool and the articles within.

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