New Security Feature - Captcha

Captcha Comin' Atchya!

Sitemason has just added a new feature to our custom form tool! Sitemason's form spam filtering continues to be top-notch, but for those who would like a little more control (or security especially on credit card processing forms), a Captcha is an ideal tool. Captcha is a form of human verification that helps combat spamming.


To add a Captcha to your form, simply select the "Captcha Verification" option from the "Insert a new…" drop down menu in your form's Edit Form Fields tab. Once present, the form can no longer be submitted without the captcha being filled in correctly. You can opt to use the default red theme, or choose from a handful of other colored themes that might fit your site's color scheme or your personal preference!


We hope you are as excited about this new feature as we are... Now go getcha captcha on!

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    James Beecham

    Please use this form of captcha for creating new Support accounts with Sitemason.  Maybe it's just a bad day or a fluke, but I spent >5 mins going through captchas just trying to create the account I am using to post this.

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    Billy White

    Hey James, our apologies for our support software. We are planning an upgrade to a more recent version and waiting on Zendesk to include some features in their new version that we currently rely on in order to make the upgrade. 

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