Manage Data Madness!

Hey Sitemasoners!


Our Custom Form Tool has many uses; order form, contact form, survey, requests, applications, donations, etc. But no matter what you use it for, the most important part is the data collection!
In this section, I will go over the process for retrieval of that data... the MANAGE DATA tab.


When you open your form tool, you are presented with a set of tabs. For data collection, all you need is the manage data tab which looks like this:


From here you have three options: View, Export, and Delete Records. I am pretty sure these are pretty self explanatory but just to make sure we leave no question unanswered, let's explain them anyway! =)

View - allows you to view the collected data using a search tool to narrow down your data using the desired date range as a search parameter and gives you the data that each end user filled out for the respective sections of your form. 
Note: You can also manage individual entries from this view as well as choose to display the IP address or Browser the form was submitted from to gather additional data. 


Export - allows you to export the data in file format to view using Excel or any other desired spreadsheet and PDF programs


 Note: If you simply want to archive the info you can also export it to your FTP space for storage.


Delete Records - OK that one IS pretty self explanatory... but here's a picture just for fun!



And there you have it! Happy Data Managing Sitemasoners...

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