Fun with Anchors

Thanks to a great question from Dave with Eagle's Nest Foundation ( ), I decided to go ahead and write up a little tutorial on creating anchors within forms. Sounds easy enough and is very easy to accomplish in a page builder, being that it is basically one long paragraph. However, what if you want to have a hyperlink at the top of your form that jumps down to a Rules and Regulations section at the bottom of the form? Since the hyperlink would be at the top of the form in its own "paragraph", the system does not recognize trying to create an anchor link using the User Interface to content that is in a whole other "paragraph" section in another location within the tool. BUT using a little creativity (and some well placed HTML), THERE IS A WAY!

First you want to have your form with your various sections:

*Normally you would have lots of valuable information filling the space but for the sake of not spending hours creating a fake form, I decided to go with some simple line spacing!*

Next, you would just go into one of the paragraph sections and create an anchor and link to said anchor. (this is how we get the HTML code that creates the work around!)


Once you have that done, click on "Source" and copy and then delete (or else the link will jump to this created anchor instead of the desired one further down the form) your created anchor HTML code:


Next, go into the paragraph section where the actual desired info you want the link to jump down to is located:


Click "Source", and replace the desired word (in this case "Rules") with your copied anchor text:



Then just hit save and BAM you have your very own Custom Form Anchor using HTML trickery! Congrats!

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