Testing a Form with Credit Card Processing

So we have set up with authorize.net, added the merchant tool, created our form, and applied the correct form fields to the Edit Actions set up. Now to test it!

The first thing you want to do is go into your Merchant Account Manager tool (the little safe) that you set up with your Authorize.net information and click on the "Edit Accounts" tab and then "Edit".

This will bring up a section that looks like this:


Set test mode to true and save your changes.

Once you have set the Merchant Account to testmode, all you need is a credit card number to test it out with... BAM. Here's a list of test credit cards from paypal that you can use. Any name, any CVV2 code, and any FUTURE expiration date will work just fine with them.

Test Credit Card Numbers

Let the testing begin!


NOTE: Don't forget to turn Sitemason's test mode back off when you are done testing!

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