Edit Actions - Insert Record into a Database

The Custom Form Tool has 7 pre-made "actions" that you as the user can set to happen when the submit button is hit and the form is submitted.


In this section, we will take a look at the "Insert a Record in a Database" Action: This allows you to automatically archive custom form submissions straight into a table in an external MySQL database.


To accomplish this, all you need to do is create the custom form with any desired informational fields to set up, add a submit button, and then choose the edit actions tab and add this action. A secondary box will pop up that looks like this:

Screen_shot_2011-03-28_at_11.09.38_AM.png Screen_shot_2011-03-28_at_11.14.06_AM.png

Simply fill out the appropriate information pertaining to your specific database then (on the "Field Map" tab) choose which fields from the form you wish to be transferred to the database and hit Save.

Now when someone fills out the form, it will automatically submit the information straight to your database!



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