Edit Actions - Add a Serial Number

The Custom Form Tool has 7 pre-made "actions" that you as the user can set to happen when the submit button is hit and the form is submitted.


In this section, we will take a look at the "Add a Serial Number" Action:

This action is often used when you want the person filling the form out to have a serial number assigned based on that submission, say for example if you are selling tickets to an event.

First, you would want to create and save your Custom Form (hopefully a little more in depth than my example!).


Next, click on the "Edit Actions" tab and choose "Add a Serial Number" and you will see a menu that looks like this pop up:


We recommend setting the serial number field to the "submit" field. This helps  because in the "Manage Data" section, it will still show the serial number assigned to the submission but you do not have to create an extra field that could confuse the user. Once you set the number and prefix or suffix that you would like to have for your serial numbers, you just wait for the submissions to roll in and you can go to manage data or set up the email settings to send you the desired information (including the serial number) from the form.

 Like so:



We certainly hope this helps.
Enjoy Sitemasoners! 

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