Edit Action - Add a Photo

The Custom Form Tool has 7 pre-made "actions" that you as the user can set to happen when the submit button is hit and the form is submitted.


In this section, we will take a look at the "Add a Photo" Action:


This is the settings menu for creating the action. As the creator, all you need to do is assign the desired information section to the corresponding fields from the form that you created and choose which of your Photo Gallery tools you would like the submissions to be posted to. A custom for form using an action such as this is often implemented for photo contest submissions and the like. The action can cover something fairly basic such as just grabbing the photo and submitter's information or it can get pretty specific just depending on how many fields you wish the action to pull data from your form.

After the submission, you can set the Status to be automatically approved and submitted to a photo gallery for public viewing or set it to go to a pending status where it would be able to be reviewed and approved by you, as the admin of the form.

We hope this helps!

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