Creating User Submissions to News and Calendar Tools

We have gotten a few inquiries about how users can submit articles and events to news or calendar tools so I think this would be a great time to go over that a bit!


Let's say that you have a News tool that you publish articles to. And you frequently get emails from users suggesting a great article or story to post. You then have to gather the data that they sent and create a new post to the news tool which is perfectly fine but can be a little time consuming. Well Sitemasoners... there's another way that this can be accomplished without using up your valuable time as well!



These same steps can be followed to make submissions specific to an events calendar as well!

  Also, User Level under User Preferences must be set to at least Advanced to have access to the full range of tools and features.


First, you want to create a Custom Form with the desired fields that you want to include in each user submitted post:




After you have this part done, go to the "Edit Actions" tab and choose "Add an Action". A menu will pop up with multiple choices of what actions you would like performed when the Submit button is clicked. In this case, you would want to choose this one:




Once that is complete you will see a new box pop up that looks like this one:




This box allows you to assign what text fields from your form correspond to which fields you would fill out for a news article as I have above. After filling this out as specifically \ completely as you see fit (hopefully more than I did), hit save and VOILA you now have a custom form that will submit articles to your news tool! All you have to do is go to your news tool, double-click on the entry, go to the "Schedule and Access" tab and approve the submission for publication so the submitted item will show on your news publisher.


NOTE: If you do not want to have to go in and approve submitted messages, make sure to check the "set to true" box under "Approved" in the Options tab.







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