How do I stream a video to my site?

This article relates to a legacy version of Sitemason. If you are looking for the Sitemason 6 version of this article, please visit here.

That's a GREAT question! Here's the answer:


There are a couple ways to approach this depending on where on your site you would like it to be displayed and the size of the video file itself...


The most simple and convenient way would be to just upload a video to YouTube and copy / paste the provided embed code into the source area of your page builder.

Upload video, Find video, Copy this script:



Go to your page builder in Sitemason, click the "Source" button and enter the script, like so...



And Enjoy!




The second way to do this (if you do not wish to go the YouTube route) is an either / or situation depending on the size of the video but both ways involve the Sitemason News tool.


1. If your video is under the size of 50MB, you can upload it straight to the news tool and post it as a news article on your existing or a newly created News Tool by going to "Article" and "Add a New Article" and uploading it then saving it as a News Article.




2. If it is over 50MB, you would want to use an FTP Client (Transmit, FileZilla, CyberDuck, etc) to upload the video to your server into the www file. This will make the file accessible by the web and provide you with a URL that leads to the video file. You can then use the same news tool to submit the file as a new article!






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