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This article relates to a legacy version of Sitemason. If you are looking for the Sitemason 6 version of this article, please visit here.



This is the general editing tool used in the Page Builder Tool. And THIS is a general tutorial for its use! (Row by Row. Left to Right)




Page - This is a drop down option that gives you general commands like:

Setup - allows you to change the name and URL of your page,

Move - allows you to move the entire Page Builder from one Site Builder to another.

Transfer - allows you to move the Page Builder to another Sitemason user's account but removes it entirely from yours.

Preview - allows you to see your work in progress in the context of a viewable web page in a new window.

Revert - replaces the draft you are working on with your latest saved copy.

Delete - pretty self explanatory but worth mentioning (your page would be gone but could always be recovered from the Deleted pages: drop down in your Site Builder)

Return to Site Manager - will take you back to your Sitemason Dashboard. (You will be prompted to save if you have not already)


Settings -


Display tool title - puts your page builder's title at the top of your live web page

Bookmarking / Sharing buttons - activate these features on your live web page

Print Button Target - options for "print page" button if you activated it


Help - Sitemason, Inc and Support contact info 




Source - Toggling this button will display the HTML build of your page. This is also where you can embed a YouTube video or pretty much anything that provides your with the proper source code.

Undo / Redo - Allows you to undo a change / revert and "undo" if you decided you liked it better that way.

Find / Replace - Find / Replace options for text in your page.

Select All - Will highlight everything on the page for you

Remove Format - Removes any text related formatting from the highlighted area (bold, italics, underline, justification, etc).

Cut / Copy / Paste / Paste as plain text / Paste from Word - All of your cut, copy, and paste tools.

Left, Center, Right, and Block Justifications - Selects the justification for your content placement

Insert / Remove Numbered and Bulleted Lists - Allows you to create or delete number and bullet point formatting for lists.

Decrease / Increase Indent - Allows you to adjust indention levels of selected content.

Block Quote - Allows you to place a group of selected text into block quote formation / indention.

Check Spelling - Good Old Fashioned embarrassment-saving SpellCheck




Bold, Italic, Underline - Bold, Italic, Underline

Strike Through - Creates a line through SELECTED text.

Subscript / Superscript - H2O / E=MC2

Text Color / Background Color - changes the color of your text and the background of your text.


Link, Unlink, and Anchor - Linking tools:

Screen_shot_2011-02-21_at_12.45.36_PM.png1. To make a word into a link, simply highlight the word(s) with your cursor and while the future link is highlighted, click on the "Link" button.  This will pop up a new window where you can enter the URL that you'd like to link your text to.  

We've chosen to show you this with an example paragraph from the Sitemason home page, making the text "customers" into a link to http://www.sitemason.com/clients/.  After you enter your preferred URL, click "OK" and your text is now a hyperlink.  

2. If you would like to set some added functionality to your link, there's a "Target" tab to the right of "Link Info."  Here you can set the target of the link, for example, to open in a new window, or if your website uses frames, you can assign the link to open in a specific frame.

If you decided you wanted your link to open in a new window, you can choose "<popup window>" which will give you all sorts of options to control how the new window appears when it pops up. 

4. One of most convenient functions of the Link window reveals itself with the "Upload" tab.  If you want a link to go directly to a file, choose this option.  Say you have a PDF file that you would like to make available for download, instead of assigning your link to a URL, choose the "Upload" tab and Browse your local computer for a file, click "Send it to the Server," then "OK" and you're done.   Now if you notice in the "Link Info" tab, your file is assigned a Sitemason URL.   

5. Breaking a link is as simple as a mouse click.  If you've created a link and later decide you would like it to remain just plain text, simply highlight the link with your cursor, and click the "Unlink" button immediately to the right of the "Link" button.

6. The Anchor button allows you to create links to anchors in your page, a link to a word or section within that Page Builder tool. (example: You have a table of contents at the top of your page, each section of which links to an anchor further down the page where that section is explained.


Image - Allows you to insert or upload an image to your page.

Flash - Allows you to embed a Flash file into your page.

Table - Allows you to insert a table into your page.

Note: This tool is also a great way of posting a picture with a caption under it by inserting a Table with one column and 2 rows:


The table will adjust to the picture size when you place the picture in one of the rows.


Insert Horizontal Line - Inserts a full page length horizontal line as a divider on the page.

Insert Special Character - Allows you to insert Characters into your Page Builder:


Formatting Style, Font Name, Font Size - Choose the Style, Font type and Font size for your text.




Enjoy Sitemasoners!

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    Wish  this also contained info on adding the page to the nav bar.

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    Thanks for the input Nancy. That is actually done through the site manager using the reorder button (looks like the two crossing arrows) at the top of the new site manager as opposed to being done through the individual tool.


    Once you click it, that will allow the check boxes next to tools to be clickable. Simply check the ones that you wish to be added to the navigation and click 'Save'.

    I hope that helps and thanks again for reaching out!

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